Ferrari Fixed Desks and Chairs

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  • Min.Order Quantity:: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability:: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Payment Terms:: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Specifications:: They can be customized according to requirements.
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    Name: Fixed Desks and Chairs

    Model: Ferrari

    Seat plate, back plate and decorative plate:

    1. The seat plate is made of high quality multi-layer boards and hot-pressed at high temperature, and is natural and environmentally friendly. The decorative surface is made of environmentally-friendly fireproof boards, which are wear-resistant, stain-resistant and have strong resistance and carrying capacity. The seat plate is 450±2mm long, 380±2mm wide and 15±1mm thick.

    2. The back plate is made of high-quality medium density fiberboard and hot-pressed at high temperature, and is natural and environmentally friendly. The back-plate specifications are 1078±10mm long for two-person seats and 1598±10mm long for three-person seats, 499±2mm wide, and 10±1mm thick.

    3. The decorative plate is made of high-quality medium density fiberboard and hot-pressed at high temperature, and is natural and environmentally friendly. The decorative-plate is 486±2mm long, 402±2mm wide and 5±1mm thick.

    4. The material has the wear-resistant, stain-resistant, firm, durable and other characteristics, and the product is simple and easy, firm and reliable.

    Seat-fixing assembly and seat-supporting assembly:

    The seat-fixing assembly is made of high-quality hot rolled plates and formed by mold and refined by welding, and the wall thickness is 3mm; the seat-supporting assembly is made of high-quality hot rolled plates and formed by mold and refined by welding, and the wall thickness is 4mm, and the product surface is treated with anti-rust, anti-fouling, leaching and electrostatic spraying.

    Cross-beam assembly:

    The cross-beam assembly is made of t=2mm square pipe and is welded and refined, and the surface is treated by antirust, antifouling, leaching and electrostatic spraying.

    The chair foot, the chair foot lifting parts and the platform plate supporting part are made of aluminum alloy and formed -as a whole by the mold, and the surface is polished and sprayed.

    The decorative parts of the foot and the seat plate are made of ABS materials and molded, and are beautiful and generous.

    Book-holding plate: It is made of high-quality ABS materials and molded as a whole.

    Design philosophy: It adopts the human engineering philosophy and meets personalized needs, the natural, environmental protection, energy saving, fashion styles are used in product design to create a modern, concise and lively environment of the Times, and the product is simple in splicing, natural in color, beautiful and generous in shape and has modern features and other characteristics.

    Main specifications: the total length of three-person seat is 1598mm±10mm, the total length of two-person seat is 1078±10mm, the total height of seat is 750±10mm, the seat height is 460±10mm, and the writing board height is 750±10mm.

    The minimum row spacing is 920mm.

    There are 2 seats and 3 seats in a row and many multiple-person seats in a row for choice.

    Ferrari Styles



    Two-person Seat Specification Drawing


    Three-person Seat Specification Drawing


    Name of Ferrari series of projects:

    Ningxia Institute of Science and Technology

    Jilin University of Arts

    Hefei No. 55 Middle School

    Hangzhou Shuren University

    PLA Force 78511

    Pictures of Ferrari Series of Projects:



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