Competitor Fixed Desks and Chairs

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  • Min.Order Quantity:: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability:: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Payment Terms:: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Specifications:: They can be customized according to requirements.
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    Name: Fixed Desks and Chairs

    Model: Competitor

    Standard Configuration Descriptions:

    1. Feet

    The edge is bent, welded and formed with 2mm thick steel plates, the 6mm thick steel plate is used as the bottom plate, the top supporting connector is made of 6mm thick steel plates, the surface is subject to high temperature electrostatic powder spraying in silver-sand color; the side decorative cover is made of aluminum alloy and the surface is oxidized.

    2. Seat

    ① Seat plate: It is hot pressed and formed with the multi-layered rotary-cut veneers through the mold and pasted with fireproof plywood on the surface, and the edge is painted for waterproofing.

    ② Recovery mechanism: The high-quality damping pull-rod + spring recovery mechanism is used.

    ③ Chair-supporting seat: It is stamped, welded and formed with 6mm thick steel plates.

    ④ Seat shell: It is bent and formed with 0.8mm thick steel plates, the plastic decorative cover is arranged at the spring recovery side, and the sealing plate at the gas spring recovery side is made of 2.0mm thick steel plates and welded with the shell.

    ⑤ Seat plate connecting structure: The penetration connecting mode is used and a strengthening card slot is arranged at the back of the seat plate in order to enhance the firmness. The nut cover of the penetration connecting seat plate and the supporting mechanism is made of 8.8-grade carbon steel and processed by the zinc plating-black process so as to ensure the firmness and non-rust in long-term use.

    3. Seat back

    ①Seat-back supporting assembly: The assembly is stamped, welded and formed with steel plates, the thickness of the steel plate for the column assembly is 2.5mm, and the thickness of the steel plate connected to the upper and lower main-beams is 6mm.

    ② Upper and lower edge bandings of seat-back cross-band and board: They are made of aluminum alloys and cold-drawn by the mold, and the surface is treated by the oxidation process.

    ③ Upper and lower edge bandings of seat back: They are stamped, welded and formed with 1.5mm steel plates.

    ④ Seat back board: The seat back is equipped with medium density fiberboard and pressed with fireproof plywood on the surface according to the change of steps.

    4. Upper and lower cross-beams

    The upper cross-beam is used to connect the desk assembly and the seat-back supporting assembly, and the lower cross-beam is used to connect the seat assembly and the seat-back supporting assembly. The upper cross-beam is made of aluminum alloys and cold-drawn by the mold and has a thickness of more than 3mm, and 8mm thick steel bars are hidden in the cross-beam and used to connect the rugged screws of components and accessories; the lower cross-beam adopts 70X70 rounded square pipe with a wall thickness of 2.5mm, and the pipe surface is drilled and welded with M8 thickened nuts which is used as the rugged screws to connect the components and accessories.

    5. Desk assembly

    ① Desk table: The substrate uses the medium-density fiberboard and is pressed with fireproof plywood on the surface, and the plastic pull clasp is arranged to facilitate use.

    ② Desk-supporting seat and edgings: They use aluminum alloys and are die-casted by the mold, and nylon plastic strips are arranged in the groove at the edging side.

    ③ Principle: The chute inverted-type recovery mechanism is used with a static load-bearing of more than 80kg, and has the function of quick escape in emergency.

    Competitor style drawing



    Three-person seat specification drawing


    Name of Competitor Series of Projects:

    Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University   Xiamen University

    Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine   Guangdong Polytechnic Institute

    Shanghai Jiaotong University   Nanchang University   Meixihu Middle School of Changsha

    Anhui University of Science and Technology, China Youth University of Political Studies and so on

    Pictures of Competitor Series of Projects:



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